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Combe Raider is a light, dry cider made from apples gathered locally around Kintbury.

Combe Raider cider (ABV 6.5%)

Dab Hand is a medium-dry cider made from a mix of 75% Dabinett and 25% Michelin cider apples from a small grower in Herefordshire.

Dab Hand cider (ABV 6.5%)

Kingston Black is a medium-dry, single varietal cider made from Kingston Black apples grown in Herefordshire.

Kingston Black cider (ABV 6.5%)

Ten Years After is a blended cider to celebrate 10 years of Ciderniks’ cidermaking in 2013 and in memory of Alvin Lee (1944-2013), singer, guitarist and songwriter

Ten Years After cider (ABV 6.5%)

Our Pure Apple Juice is pasteurised. It is bottled and pasteurised within a couple of hours of being pressed. Perfect on its own or try adding a little to cider.

Pure Apple Juice

A raw, unpasteurised and unfiltered Cider Vinegar. May contain pieces of vinegar mother. Cider Vinegar has loads of health benefits - can’t get much better than this.

Cider Vinegar

A mixed case of either 12 x 500ml bottles or 12 x 750ml bottles of Ciderniks’ cider. You will receive a selection of the ciders available when you order.

A mixed case of 12 bottles of cider

Cider infused with a secret mix of spices - a true alternative to mulled wine. Heat and sweeten to taste. Just what you need for cold days and nights.

Mulled Cider (ABV 6.5% before heating)

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Kickstart is a very aromatic, complex, dry cider made from Early Windsor apples grown just outside Bridport in Dorset.

Kickstart cider (ABV 6.0%)

Freebird is a new cider in 2016 made from a mix of cider and other apples grown in an orchard near Kintbury. It is a medium - medium-dry cider.

Freebird cider (ABV 7.0%)

Yellow Sun is a blended cider to celebrate the Vulcan, Victor and Valiant aircraft. A donation is made to the Vulcan to the Sky Trust for every bottle sold.

Yellow Sun cider (ABV 6.5%)

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Wooden Wonder is a medium-dry cider made for The People’s Mosquito. We make a donation to The People’s Mosquito for every bottle purchased

Mosquito, Wooden Wonder cider (ABV 6.5%) (ABV 6.5%)